No More Dry outs

The Last Glue

Can we show you a glue that will blow your mind? 

Sticks anything to anything in 1 second!

This is the only glue on the market which is truly anaerobic (works on lack of air).  All your other glues work with either moisture or air, always drying out. Most frustrating.
The biggest benefit of being anaerobic is that you can glue it now or tomorrow morning and it doesn't dry out if refrigerated. For the first time ever you are not rushed to glue it!

Our glue is non- toxic and FDA approved: used in auto shops, aviation industry, construction, the dental industry, by US Coast Guards as well as by Harley Davidson and in movie production. 

We all have a drawer full of old glues that are dried up, glued shut and just a plain waste of money! Wood glue, Appoxy, contact cement, monkey glue, super glue and all the others, use them once and you might as well throw them away.
You need one exclusive glue, The Last Glue, that lives in your refrigerator and is there for you when you need it. Solution: The Last Glue: the one that doesn’t dry out
The Last Glue is guaranteed for one year not to dry out! Some customers have their glue for years if properly cared for. 
We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t tell you about The Last Fill:
Got a hole in your pipe or leak in your water pressure hose? A hairline crack in our favorite mug? The Last Fill is at your service. This can fill any void, crack or gouge. You'll need The Last Fill about 20-30% of the time. Remember: The Last Glue works on lack air so if you can't deprive the item being glued of air you need to use The Last Fill: this creates a liquid weld!