No More Dry outs

Care Instructions

How to prevent a clogged nozzle:



1)After each use tap the bottle three (3) times

2)Then Squeeze the bottle three times to remove any glue from the nozzle

3)Wipe the nozzle off with a 100% cotton rag


To unclog a nozzle please follow the directions below:


1) Lightly unscrew the cap

2) While the cap is still resting on the bottle and covering the nozzle tilt the cap so it pops off the nozzle

3) Place the nozzle on a 100% cotton rag

4) Poke the nozzle to remove any glue and debris that may be clogging the nozzle

5) Push the nozzle back into the bottle

6) Screw the cap back on

7) Place back in the refridgerator


This prevents you from pushing any old glue or debris into the bottle. If you poke the nozzle while the nozzle is still on the bottle your bottle of glue will get hard.


Happy Gluing!