No More Dry outs

Product Tips

  1. Best Kept in refrigerator regardless if open or not!
  2. Apply The Last Glue to ONE side only. You usually only need One Drop, less is more.
  3. With that said, if the item you are gluing is porous, you will need more glue.
  4. The thinner the layer of The Last Glue, the better the hold – don’t rub in The Last Glue.
  5. Always close lid after use – prolonged exposure to air will cause thickening. This does not affect adhesion.
  6. Avoid exposing The Last Glue to extreme heat and direct sunlight when in the bottle. Best kept refrigerated.
  7. Use The Last Clean or solvent to remove old adhesives/clean surface before applying The Last Glue. 
    1. Glue will not stick glue itself so remove any old glue and debris
  8. The Last Glue is not suitable for cloth, paper, teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene (food grade plastics).
  9. When finished with your project tap the bottle 3 times on the table then squeeze 3 times to remove any glue from the tip. This is to ensure your tip does not clog.
  10. Never stick a needle or pin into the tip of The Last Glue. This contaminates The Last Glue and it will start to turn hard.
  11. Use The Last Fill to fill in any gaps or holes as The Last Glue only works when deprived of oxygen.
  12. Can withstand up to 650º degrees and last to -65 degrees
  13. Will hold up to 5,000 PSI