No More Dry outs

About Us

I hear they call you the Gluru, why?

Yes they do! My name is Shawn and I developed The Last Glue back in 1999, over 15 yrs ago. I know all things Glue. It started in a chemical lab in Germany and grew from there. I am passionate about our glue and our customers a.k.a: Glubies.

It's been 15 years since you developed The Last Glue, how do you stay passionate about it?

We have an amazing product and it gives me so much joy to get a testimonial from one of our Glubies. It make us happy because my wife and I strive to put care in every bottle and order. We have a 1 year Gurantee that our Glue won't dry out or get hard.* 

Happy gluing!!

*this asterisk is to remind you that the glue needs to kept in the refrigerator even before you open it!

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