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Fill that Hole

Most of you have it but never use it.

Have a pinhole in your garden hose?
leak under your sink?
leak in a fuel line or fuel tank?
loose wooden dowel?
missing pieces in a cherished porcelain figurine or ceramic mug?

All that is required is The Last Glue and our secret weapon: The Last Fill.

Once the hole is filled you can:
*drill it
*tap it
*paint it
*sand it.

For any type of pipe, hose or tank always:

1)turn off water (if applicable) and release pressure 
        it is not necessary to bleed the system
2) put a bead of glue on the pinhole
3) apply a small amount filler until it turns white
and 'bob is your uncle', it's done!

For part 2 of this email we are going to teach you how to fix a ceramic or porcelain object that is missing pieces! It will amaze you and you won't want to miss it.

Screw it just glue it,
-The Gluru

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